The Roll Back Tow Truck Animation – UNVEILED!

For those of you who haven't figured it out via Facebook, I am Tom's daughter. He does all the hard work...he creates these crazy complicated animations, he comes up with the idea to video himself and then he gives the videos to me to review and edit. Usually, I just post them to Facebook and YouTube and everyone is happy.
However, this animation requires something special. I saw this for the first time from a different perspective than you will see it. When I opened up the first video to begin editing, I saw the completed product...just like you would see it on the Choo Choo Barn layout. It was impressive, I'm sure you'll agree. After a few seconds, I called my husband, James, into the room so he could watch with me. We commented on how smoothly it ran and what a clever idea it is. Then the camera panned back to reveal the mechanics underneath. Our jaws dropped and James said "LOOK AT THAT. That's absurd."
I think that pretty much sums it up. "Regular" people visiting the Choo Choo Barn would never imagine that ALL THAT is needed to make one animation work. So thank you for watching these videos that we make in an effort to help you understand the artistry behind the Choo Choo Barn. Well done, Dad...Tom...Mr Groff..
And with that, I give you the Roll Back Tow Truck!

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